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Massachusetts Federation of Sheep Associations

Welcome to the home of the Massachusetts Sheep Producers.  Our Federation represents the Lamb and Wool growers throughout our Commonwealth and we are organized at the local level into two separate producer associations.  The Federation represents some 66 producers and nearly 8000 head of sheep.

The Pioneer Valley Producers are from the western part of the Commonwealth generally starting to the west of the Quabbin reservoir, crossing the Berkshire Mountains to the border with New York. You can find them on the web at  or simply by clicking on their logo on this page.

The Worcester County Producers are the sole remaining county sheep association in the eastern part of the Commonwealth and have expanded their membership to include producers from all eastern counties.  Their producers are from farms to the east of the Quabbin reservoir all the way to the Atlantic; yes we have producers who can smell the sea.  You can find these folks at their website,, or by clicking on their logo on this page.

The producers in Massachusetts also participate in the Baaay State Blanket program which takes wool from farms in the Commonwealth, and produces a blanket manufactured solely in Massachusetts of wool solely from Massachusetts.  The Baaay State Blanket program has it’s own separate web presence and you can reach them at their logo on this page.

Again, welcome to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts where the “shot heard around the world” was fired. 


pioneer valleyPioneer Valley Sheep Breeders Association




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